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How We Roll Podcast

Professionally produced, UK and Ireland based RPG Podcast, playing Call of Cthulhu 7e and currently playing Curse of Strahd.

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    Rolling With...Dave!

    Today Eoghan interviews founding HWR crew Member Dave Honaker, who talks about his life growing up in Romania, voice acting, he favourite characters, his love of Matt Coville and WebDm, and much more!

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    043 - Curse of Strahd - Vallaki - Never Split the Party

    We return as our heroes decide to split up - Saff and Voron head off to find the Wachter House While Greyson heads off to find the missing bones and Viessa sneaks up into the Church to find the source of the strange music

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    042- Curse of Strahd - Vallaki - A Brief Interlude

    After the strange revelations of last week's episode, our intrepid band of heroes arrive at the church of St Andril. They spy a familiar face, an ancient tale and have to make some hard choices...

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    041 - Curse of Strahd - Vallaki - Rhesus Pieces

    Join us as our Heroes explore the walled town of Vallaki...They meet a strange little man with a monkey, who owns a peculiar toy shop; what could go wrong? Featuring @HowWeRollEoghan @Liisabelleand guest starring @GodsfallDC as Greyson the cat #dnd #curseofstrahd

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    040- Curse of Strahd - Vallaki - A Familiar Face

    Our heroes approach Vallaki, after battling Morgatha the leader of the hag coven, they are battered and bruised so looking for some much needed rest, but who is that waiting for them on the road ahead???

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